Coloured Belt Grading June 19 and Pregrading

Dear Students & Parents

The next coloured belt grading is Monday 9th June 2019.

The pregrading to assess whether eligable juniors and adults are ready was

  • Sunday the 5th May and Weds 1st May – Most Students Completed on one of these 2 PreGrading Last Week
  • Feedback Pregrading will be during the Junior and Adult Lesson / and or email
  • Juniors feedback with Parents ideally face to face in class
  • Any missed will be pre-graded in the next few lesson

Here is more information about the Grading Process for Students and Parents Learn about Taekwondo Gradings

Theory is in the student handbook relevant to the grade and the syllabus of requirements in the Theory Guide Mr Evans gives out.

Following the pregrading – the grading details will me emailed to the students being put forward to grade and parents as normal.

If there are any questions please let me know

Mr Evans V

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