Applied Self-Defence course by Mr Adam Woodhouse – 2nd February 2020 [Reminder]

Whitlock Martial Arts are hosting a 3 hour, Applied Self-Defence course by Mr Adam Woodhouse.

Due to the content of the seminar it is for aged 13+ only.

Mr Woodhouse is a lifelong martial arts expert. He was a former vice world champion in Taekwon-do, spent 15 years in the jungles of Thailand learning Muay Thai, and spent well over a decade practising applied self-defence with the British Combat Association. He works in the private personal security sector and has a wealth of practical self defence knowledge.

He will be delivering a 3 hour, no-nonsense course on applied self-defence that is applicable in real life, life or death situations. This is a great opportunity to expand your wider martial arts knowledge, and provide yourself with key skills to keep you safe.

Below is a testimonial from PUMA 4th degree black belt Mr Daniel Ashmead:

I recently attended a seminar run by Mr Woodhouse and it was absolutely amazing. The seminar was very enjoyable, informative, was easy to follow and opens up a whole different aspect of Taekwon-Do, just ask him about knife-hand guarding block. Mr Woodhouse is very friendly (even when he is smashing your arm), the power he generates is incredible. He is always approachable, professional and extremely knowledgeable on the subject, he gives great advice and feedback to help with the techniques. If you put in the effort it is very rewarding and you will get the full benefit. I would certainly recommend this seminar to everyone, not just Martial Artists. 10 out of 10.

If anyone has any questions please contact: or see the event here.

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