***Cancelled LP & Junior Class*** Sunday 20th November

Dear Students and Parents,  Due to the PUMA British Tournament on 20th November we are cancelling the LP and Junior Class because all the instructors are helping at the tournament and we wont be back in time. Any Juniors and LPs are welcome to make up the class...

About Movewell Taekwondo

Welcome to Movewell Taekwondo, Royal Wootton Bassett’s original Taekwondo school, established in 1994. The club is run by Nick Evans 4th Degree Black Belt and we train on a Wednesday and Sunday in the Lime Kiln Sports Centre, Royal Wootton Bassett. We run classes for Little PUMA’s (4-6 year olds), Juniors (7-12 years old) and 12+ to adults.

PUMA Martial Arts

P.U.M.A., Professional Unification of Martial Arts, are a national Martial Arts organisation lead by Master Ray Gayle 8th Degree Black Belt. Movewell Taekwondo is the Wootton Bassett School of PUMA Martial Arts.

Taekwondo History

Taekwondo is a version of an ancient form of unarmed combat practiced for many centuries in the Orient. Translated from the Korean, “Tae” literally means to jump, kick or smash with the foot. “Kwon” means a fist, chiefly to punch or destroy with the hand or fist. “Do” means art, way or method.

Child Protection and Safeguarding

PUMA has worked endlessly to ensure all its martial arts schools safeguard and promote a healthy environment for its students. Movewell Taekwondo in Wootton Bassett follows and complies with all the PUMA Child Safeguarging Policies and Mandates.

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