Sparring Kit Offer £72

Sparring Kit Offer £72

Good Evening Movewell Parents and Students. Take a look at this special offer for Dec 19 for sparring gear – this is relevant to Juniors and Adults.
This offer is valid for new or replacement sparring gear. If you are interested, please let Mr. Evans know.

PUMA Merchandise Price List 2016

Dear Students and Parents I have just updated the PUMA Merchandise Pricelist on the Movewell Website Shop Page. The PUMA Merchandise Price List 2016 is linked towards the bottom of the page and it lists prices for spare doboks, pads, sparring gear, PUMA Traingin...

Sparring Kit OFFER and Training T-Shirts

The Movewell TKD Shop has just been updated with pictures of sparring kit and the new Zip Up Hoodie. The shop can be found here SPARRING KIT SPECIAL OFFER Sparring gear is essential for safe sparring, not just from protection...

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