Cheap Homemade Taekwondo Air Break Holder

Cheap Homemade Taekwondo Air Break Holder

Mr Nick Evans V, Movewell Taekwondo gives Instructions on how to make a cheap taekwondo air break holder to help you practice jumping and spinning taekwondo air break techniques. It’s simple and easy to make, costs very little and is lots of fun to use as well and a tool to hone techniques. Ideal for use with practice and junior breaker boards.

Taekwondo Etiquette

What does this mean and What is respect? There are plenty of examples in the student handbook but to expand and refresh here are a few: Bowing to fellow students and instructors Being polite and courteous to everyone inside and outside the dojang (training hall) Not...

New Book – Path to Black Belt

THe PUMA Merchandise Unit has just taken delivery of a fantastic new book entitled ‘Path To Black Belt.’ The books feature multiple world champion Jaroslaw Suska.  The cost of the book is £30.  They’ll make great Christmas presents, or to use as a...

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