Cheap Homemade Taekwondo Air Break Holder

In Taekwondo (and some other martial arts) we practice power techniques with board breaking, typically in a fixed or rigid board holder.

To compliment board holder breaking here is an option for making a homemade taekwondo air break holder. The most important bit is it’s cheap, so you just need to apply a bit of effort and you are done, it’s also super portable if you have somewhere to hang it.

This can be useful for practicing –

  • Jumping spinning hand techniques i.e. jumping knife hand, jumping superman punch
  • Jump spinning foot techniques i.e. jump reverse turning kick
  • Acceleration vs power in techniques i.e. punch, hook kick, knife hand
  • You can’t muscle through an air break you have ot be quick and accurate 
  • Having fun and playing!

You can hang thinner practice/junior boards so the goal is acceleration and accuracy without risking injury – when you are confident with accuracy and speed you can level up the board.

I hope my students and any other martial arts students this post reaches find this useful and fun to use!

Mr Nick Evans V, Movewell Taekwondo

Build Your Own Taekwondo Air Break Holder

You will need: 

1 x Wide Bulldog Clip – 4-5 inches wide or more

1 x Strap – to tie the bulldog clip too (length depends what you hang it from. Mine is made literally from garage debris but if I wanted a more professional finish, I’d use a carabiner and light ratchet strap like the picture, then its adjustable)

1 x Resistance band – Optional, this is all I had when I made it but it does helps take some shock out the bouncing boards but the strap is fine on its own

1 x Somewhere to hang it – it’s not heavy but you do need to think where the bits of board might go

Breaker boards – I use junior breaker boards of different grades for practicing the air breaks but if you are quick and confident

Putting it Together

Nice Version

Attach the bulldog clip to the carabiner and the carabiner onto the strap. Loop the strap around something high and that’s it. Put the board in the bulldog clip and away you go.

My Garage Debris Version

Old resistance band looped over a tree with a loop of old fabric tied too a rusty wide bulldog clip – It works though and cost nothing…upcylcing!

Safety Tips

When you air break, bits of board will move through the air so be mindful of windows, children, students and other living things or objects that might get hit by pieces of flying board.

Be mindful it takes a lot more speed and accuracy to break in the air so if you stick a standard white or black board up you may be cause yourself a serious injury unless you are a very seasoned and experienced destruction specialist. Hence using the junior breaker boards for adults.

Breaking and destruction should be done under the guidance and coaching of a professional martial arts instructor. Any coloured belts, or blackbelts not used to breaking please seek guidance from your instructors.

Enjoy and Have Fun!

The video in this post show the the holder in action (no doboks or belts just casual having fun…like all training should be!). Excuse the foot positions on a few – but you’ll get the idea – go make one 😊

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