Counting to 10 in Korean

May 15, 2016 | Technical Guidance | 0 comments

A basic requirement for your first grading is to count to 10 in Korean. The numbers are in your handbook but as a quick recap (and for Little PUMAs) they are:

  1. Hanna
  2. Dool
  3. Seth
  4. Neth
  5. Dasual
  6. Yasaul
  7. Ilgop
  8. Yodoll
  9. Ahop
  10. Yoll

Typically a student will be asked to count to 10 in korean in class and during grading for exercises such as:

  • Press ups
  • Rising Kicks
  • Sitting Stance Punch

A student will also be asked to count some moves in their first few gradings i.e. the examiner might say to the student ‘Step forward in walking stance middle punch, 4 times forward, in your own time, counting out loud’. Here the student would perform the 4 moves forward in their own time while counting each of the moves in korean. Normally they would perform the same moves going backwards 4 times, in their own time, counting out loud in korean too.

I hope this is a useful recap on counting 🙂

Mr Evans




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