December 2015 Coloured Belt Grading and Pregrading

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The next junior and adult coloured belt grading is on Monday 7th December 2015.

the Pregradings will be Weds 11th November and Sunday 15th November.

The Grading details are:

The grading will start at 1800 and there is seating for parents at the back of the hall. Grading are a closed forum, no pictures or videos please.

  • Juniors:  please arrive for 1730-1745
  • 12+ – Adults: You are normally on at approx. 1900 but aim to arrive for 1800 in case you are up early if it’s a small grading.

Please hand in your license and grading fee of £30 / person a week before the grading to Mr Evans please.

Payment can be by cash, Bank Transfer or Cheques made payable to – WBTKD or Movewell TKD.

If you send a bank transfer please email me to let me know.
Bank Details
Acc Name: WBTKD
Sort 20-84-58
Acc # 93562425

As always, if you have any questions please let me now.

Regards & Taekwon!
Mr E


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