Ginger Ninja Trickster Seminar – 29th September 2019

Ginger Ninja Trickster Seminar 29-9-19

Here is a special treat for all Movewell students, its a seminar being hosted by the Newton Abbot PUMA school, host Instructor Mr Ed Coleman-Roberts 3rd Degree (some on you will kno wmr Roberts from Camps and competitions). Its a bit of a drive, but this will be amazing and a real experience and treat for any student atending – see details below


Mr Evans V


Newton Abbot are hosting a martial arts seminar with the “Ginger Ninja Trickster”. Open to all students inside or outside of PUMA. Details can be found here on the pUMA Facebook Page: Facebook Event

  • Newton Abbot Leisure Centre, TQ12 2SH
  • Sunday 29th September 2019
  • 11:00 – 14:00

Tickets can be purchased here: Tickets

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Expertise & Abilities
► ITF Taekwon-Do 3rd Dan
► World Taekwon-Do 1st Dan
► Kickboxing 3rd Dan
(Some Experience In Muay Thai, Boxing, Judo & Several Other Disciplines)

► Sword
► Dagger
► Knife
► Kali Sticks
► Bo

► Floor Acrobatics (Complete or Falls)
► Movie Fighting
► Mini Trampoline
► Ground Falls
► Bullet Hits
► Reactions
► High Falls
► Wire Work

► Tricking (Extreme Martial arts)
► Parkour

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