HELP for PUMA Open Set Up – Oasis 6-9pm Fri 26th Feb

Feb 25, 2016 | PUMA News | 0 comments

PUMA 2 Day Open is this weekend 27/28th Feb at the Oasis in Swindon.

Its takes alot of prep to organise and one of the last jobs is setting up the mats for the 6 rings and the chairs for spectators and competitos in the main hall.

Are any Wootton Bassett TKD Students or Parents able to help with this set up at the Oasis tomorrow night please? Friday 26th Feb.

If you are i know Master Gayle and PUMA would appreciate it.

Please be there for 6.00pm. If you can’t make it for 6.0ppm then anytime up to 9.00pm is good. Many hands make light work 🙂

Any one can spectate at teh event too to see some of our top competitors sparring and performing patterns. Tickes availabel on teh door from 0930 Sat and Sunday.

Tanks and Taekwon

Mr Evans


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