Instructor & Senior Grade Training [Review]

Ms Louise Reeve, 4th Degree and instructor at Clifton and Henleaze Taekwon-Do, gives her review of an instructor training session and 4th degree patterns session run by Mr & Mrs Swain on Sunday 12th July.

If I’m honest I was in two minds whether to attend the instructors training last Sunday. It was my longest zoom day of the week (about 6 hours of teaching) and it was easy to feel too empty, too full, or just too tired at the end of a day like that. But I am so pleased I did.

It was already underway when I got there as I was just finishing up handing my last class to Mr Heward (on his birthday, no less) but the seminar was immediately engaging. Mrs Swain ran a fun and active warm-up using a chair and a Bo staff. I will be stealing all of that for my next warm-up ma’am 🙂.

This was followed by some dynamic leg strengthening exercises, one of which involved holding a side kick whilst you lower yourself all the way down to the floor and then returned to start position – this looks so impressive and what a stretch! Next, we had some fantastic pad work drills that could easily be modified for zoom or outdoors training with social distancing and some very imaginative plyometric style activities to help with fast twitch muscle fibre strength. So much information – I’m glad I was able to take notes.

We then moved on to some flying and jumping techniques that I had to write down for later use in class. They will be great to share with students. The session finished with an examination of some of the combinations from coloured belt patterns and answering any questions that came up. This was particularly useful as this is where those bad habits are starting to creep in for me. The lack of being able to get to a proper lesson is really showing.

It was over way too fast and I genuinely forgot how tired I was.

This was followed by a 15-minute well-earned break and then a move by move breakdown of the first two 4th degree patterns. Such a valuable opportunity, and even though I didn’t have the room in my little 4-foot square office to perform, there was a wealth of information here to practice later. I ended up writing about four pages of notes and coming away from the session completely revitalised and full of ideas for new drills and techniques to share with my students. Roll on the next session and hopefully more instructors will come knowing that if they have had a full day of TKD, they can also sit and make notes and let the information soak in.

Thanks, Mr and Mrs Swain for a great seminar 🙂

Ms Reeve

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