During Lockdown all Classes are continuing on Zoom

Free Lessons

Everyone is welcome to try one of our Little PUMA or Taekwondo classes in Royal Wootton Bassett. The first 2 sessions are free, after that we’re confident that if you like it you will want to join the club and start you Taekwondo journey!

For the first 2 free sessions, wear clothing that you feel comfortable exercising in and bring a drink. This applies to Little PUMAs, juniors and adults. We train barefoot so no need to worry about footwear.

It’s normal for some children and adults to want to sit and watch for the first few lessons. We are all different and more than happy for children and adults to sit and watch. One of the huge benefits of Little PUMAs and Taekwondo is confidence, and we recognise that for some people it takes a lot of courage to step into a martial arts class. This is why one of the instructors or black belts will come and welcome you in, show you where to put your things, where to sit and what happens when a class starts. If you do sit and watch this doesn’t count towards your 2 free sessions.

Parents are asked to stay during all Little PUMA Classes and encouraged to stay for Junior classes. Most parents do stay for the junior classes.

How Much is it?

When you join there is a starter package which includes the students’ training suit (a dobok), first year’s training license and insurance and the first month’s fee. Thereafter training fees are by monthly standing order. there are no contracts, fees are just monthly.

  • For Little PUMAs there are no other costs to training; gradings, awards, badges, stickers and belts are all included in the price
  • For Juniors and Adults there is a cost for gradings

All other costs for students are optional i.e. tournament entry, club clothing, sparring equipment etc.

Confidence and Respect

Martial arts and Taekwondo benefit children and adults in many ways not just fitness self-defence and flexibility. Everyone gains confidence; there are opportunities for competitions for those interested and respect is learned, taught and practiced by all students, of all ages and all grades. If Movewell Taekwondo is for you and you like it you will stay because you want to.

To find the right class for you see the class times and for any other information Contact Nick Evans on 07823  771590 or complete the contact form. We look forward to meeting you at the next lesson!

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