Know Your Walking Stance

Nov 14, 2014 | Technical Guidance | 0 comments

Walking Stance is one of the basic and fundamental stances in Taekwondo. The weight distribution is 50-50 on each leg; it is 1.5 shoulder widths long from toe to toe and 1 shoulder width wide from the middle of the foot to middle of the opposite foot; the back leg is straight (glute contracted) and the front leg is slightly bent (a vertical line from the front of the knee should line up with the back of the heel); front foot facing forward and the rear foot at 25 degrees out from the centre line. The Korean for walking stance is Gunnun Sogi. Its is a stable stance and its use in line works helps to develop leg strength and hip flexibility, if performed correctly. The student should practice contracting the glute of the rear leg to help keep the hips forward to avoid excessive back arching and anterior pelvic tilt. Now go practice 🙂


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