PUMA International Open Tournament 16-2-19

The P.U.M.A. International Open 2019 will be held on Saturday 16th February 2019!  Entries are now open at; all entries must be received no later than 9th February.Coloured belts are on in the afternoon and this is for Juniors and Adults (no...

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Grading Presentation Weds 5th Dec 18

Well done to the 14 Movewell juniors and adults that graded tonight – another great grading result with 2 Junior Credits! The belt and certificate presentation will be between to two classes this week on Wednesday 5th December 2018.

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Pre-Grading and Grading Nov/Dec 2018

The next coloured belt grading is Monday 3rd December 2018. The pregrading to assess whether eligable juniors and adults are ready will be Sunday the 4th November and Weds 7th November – these will be the only chance to pregrade

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A Successful Halloween Lesson!

It was a very sucessful Halloween lesson for Juniors and Little PUMAs on Sunday 28th October 2018 - the highlights being making student mummies out of toilet paper and pumpkin dogeball! Thanks to Miss Bell, Mr Courtney and Mrs Gurr for a fantastic lesson 🙂 The next...

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Grading Presentation Weds 19th Sept 18

Well done to all the juniors that graded last night – one of our best grading result with 3 Credits!

There were only juniors grading so the presentation will be Near the end of the Junior Lesson tomorrow Wednesday 19th September 2018.

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Cloured Belt Grading Theory

We've just published some helpful questions for Coloured Belt Grading Theory. Hopefully this will be useful to students and parents when preparing for gradings and can be found here [button link="" type="big"...

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