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Sparring Kit Offer £72

Good Evening Movewell Parents and Students. Take a look at this special offer for Dec 19 for sparring gear – this is relevant to Juniors and Adults.
This offer is valid for new or replacement sparring gear. If you are interested, please let Mr. Evans know.


To all students, SPARRING GEAR SPECIAL OFFER £40 - Pink, yes Pink Head, Hands and Feet for £40, thats for all 3 items. This is an an absolute steel - just like this picture but officail PUMA Approved sparring gear that can be used in class and tournaments. Most sizes...

Sparring Gear Offer until Dec 2016

Good Evening Parent and Students For a limited time only until the end of Dec 2016 I am discounting the bundle to £70 for Head Guard, Sparring Hands and Sparring Feet - total saving £35 over buying them separately. Why am I doing this - I want more of the...

Sparring Kit OFFER and Training T-Shirts

The Movewell TKD Shop has just been updated with pictures of sparring kit and the new Zip Up Hoodie. The shop can be found here SPARRING KIT SPECIAL OFFER Sparring gear is essential for safe sparring, not just from protection...

Sparring Equipment Sale

PUMA approved sSilver sparring gear is being discontinued Headguards, sparring gloves and sparring feet are available in all sizes and at a great price of £22 per piece (plus vat on adult sizes. All pieces are non returnable unless faulty and due to varying stock...

Training T-Shirts & Club Clothing

For those that ordered a new trianing T-Shirt thesy should be arriving by the end of the week. check your email for details on cost and payment, and who ordered what size. Anyone wishing to still order a Training T-Shirt you can at anytime, just email or speak to Mr...

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