Next Little PUMA Grading 16th May 2018

Apr 22, 2018 | Gradings, Little PUMAs | 0 comments

The next Little PUMA Gradings will be:

Wednesday 16th May 2018  1800-1900 in the Room above the Sport Hall (as normal for gradings)

For the May LP grading there will only be one grading. 

The dress code for gradings is full Little PUMA doboks , no Training T-Shirts please.

Please bring blue licence books to to the grading.

All LPs can attend, however, attendance should be at least 75% between gradings. If your son/daughter has missed quite a few classes  please speak to Mr Evans, Ms Bell or Ms Bird. We can make a descision together then.

Please remember pictures and video’s are not allowed during the grading, but if you would like a picture of your Little PUMA being presented their new belt and certificate then we can do this after the grading presentation with Mr Evans, Ms Bell and or Ms Bird.

If you have any questions leading up to the grading, please let Mr Evans, Ms Bell or Ms Bird know.


Mr Evans

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