Nick Evans 5th Degree – Senior Instructor Teaching Juniors and Adult Classes

Mr Nick Evans 5th Degree

Mr Nick Evans 5th Degree

Owner of Movewell TKD and International ITF Instructor. Senior Instructor Teaching Juniors and Adult Classes

I started Taekwondo in April 1994 when I was 17 and was one of the original students that turned up on day one of Wootton Bassett PUMA Taekwondo opening. Once I started I was hooked on the combination of fitness gains, flexibility and social atmosphere – I loved it then and I love it today. The only difference from the day i started is that I now own and run the Royal Wootton Bassett PUMA Taekwondo club and I teach more of the classes! I take the junior and adult classes with the help of Mr Courtney, and Mrs Ball and Mrs Gurr teach the Little PUMAs.

Movewell Taekwondo is part of PUMA Martial Arts and I am a recognised and qualified ITF Instructor (see ITF certificate in the images below).  Outside of Movewell, I have number of roles in PUMA. I am the PUMA Tournament Coordinator helping to ensure all competition events run smoothing and I am part of the PUMA Black Belt Grading Promotions Panel too. When there is free Taekwondo time I also teach at other PUMA Taekwondo clubs, run seminars and lead on PUMAs Summer Training camp.

Outside of family, training is my passion. As well as Taekwondo I am a keen road cyclist and I’ve been strength training for around 28 years. I bring my experience, interest and knowledge of strength and mobility into the Taekwondo class because functional mobility means safe and fun martial arts. if you can move well you can be your best at Taekwondo! When I’m not with my family or training I invest the rest of my energy into running my other business

When I started Taekwondo in 1994 I just wanted to improve my fitness, defend myself and learn some cool kicks! I had no idea it would help with my confidence, public speaking and how the tenets of Taekwondo would help shape my life. PUMA as an organisation has fantastic leadership and one thing that stands out is how polite and courteous all the students are to each other. This is most noticeable with our junior students; this alone makes teaching Taekwondo worthwhile. Come along to a class and see for yourself the benefits of Movewell Taekwondo. I look forward to meeting you.”

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