Photo Guidance & Social Media for Parents

Feb 20, 2017 | Little PUMAs, Juniors & Adults, Technical Guidance | 0 comments

Good Morning Movewell Parents, 

As I mention at each grading presentation one of our Child Protection and Safeguarding Policies is that lessons and grading are closed forums, which means no photos or videos. If you do want a photo to remember your child’s special moment being presented with their belt and certificate, we as instructors make ourselves available afterwards so a photo can be taken with just your child and the instructors.

I know as a parent it can be nice to share your proud moment with friends and family on social media such as Facebook and Instagram but it is worth following a simple piece of guidance.

PUMA and Movewell TKD have a policy that if a photo of a child or a vulnerable person is used in a press release, marketing or another promotion (not withstanding parental permission) the name never appears with the photo. The reason is simple – a name to a face makes it easier for someone with less than honourable intentions to search, find and make contact with a child. Once a photo is posted to a social media platform it is in the public domain and near impossible to fully delete. All it takes is one share, a copy, and paste, a save or download and the photo is out there.

We can’t tell you what you do with your own photos, but in the current climate of social media, I personally believe that never putting your child’s name with a photo in the public domain is a good rule to live by. That’s assuming you post any photos of your children in the first place…

Just a bit of advice to share with you all this AM.


Mr Evans


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