Eleanor Bird 1st Kup

Apr 10, 2018 | 0 comments

Ms Eleanor Bird, 1st Kup

Little PUMA Instructor

Ms Bird is one of the Little PUMA Instructors.

I joined Taekwon-do in March 2008, at the age of 7, and I have loved it ever since. I felt I could connect with Taekwon-do, and enjoyed the idea that there is always something to work on or improve. I competed in my first tournament in 2008, achieving a bronze. This fuelled my enthusiasm for competing, and I have continued to do so ever since, winning a range of medals and trophies in the process. Within my 10 years of training, I have won 2 Gold, 2 Silver and 15 Bronze medals or trophies, and hope to add to this total in the future.
In 2013, I started to help teach the Little PUMA’s and helped with the opening of the new Wednesday Little PUMA’s class. At the age of thirteen, this was daunting, but as I was helping the Little PUMA’s develop and grow in confidence within Taekwon-do, I was also developing my skills and confidence as an instructor. I became an assistant instructor in 2015 and I have now taken over the teaching of the Little Puma’s with Miss Bell, in February 2018.

In September 2018, I am hoping to start training to be a primary school teacher; a career path that I have aimed for since I was young, and teaching the Little Puma’s has been valuable experience of working with young children, and made me more determined to train as a teacher.

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