Joe Bloomfield 1st Degree

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Mr Joe Bloomfield, 1st Degree

Mr Joe Bloomfield, 1st Degree

Assistant Instructor

Mr Bloomfield is one of the Junior Class insructors.

“I have been fascinated by martial arts from a young age and love the discipline and order that is an integral part of them. I practiced Judo in my childhood and Jiu Jitsu at university but have been most successful with Taekwondo.

I have been doing Taekwondo for almost 7 years and achieved my 1st Degree Black Belt in May 2016, passing with a Credit.

What I enjoy the most about Taekwondo is the kicks. I love being able to use my agility and flexibility to challenge myself to perform the kicks and also improve my technique and ability.

I have been helping Mr Evans teach juniors Taekwondo for a couple of years. I enjoy helping to teach students willing to learn and watch them develope and achieve something they’re proud of.”

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