PUMA 2018 Calender + Grading Dates

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pumalogoglow Here is the PUMA Calendar of Events

Please note that the calendar is always subject to change and students should always check with their instructor before going to an event.

Swindon Gradings are highlighted for Movewell students, they are – 

  • Monday 5th March 2018
  • Monday TBC June 2018
  • Monday 17th September 2018
  • Monday 3rd December 2018

January - March 2018


  • 5th – 8th Instructor’s weekend Dorset Golf Club
  • 8th Warminster Grading
  • 13th P.U.M.A. assistant & Instructor course, venue TBA
  • 14th ITFE AGM Northampton
  • 20th Gravesend Grading
  • 24th Stroud Grading
  • 28th South Glos/ Bath /North Bristol Grading
  • 28th Open Dutch Championships, Eindhoven
  • 31st Devon Grading


  • 3rd Black belt pre-grading, Dorcan Rec Complex, Swindon
  • 3rd P.U.M.A. North senior grade training and Black belt pre-grading
  • 4th P.U.M.A. tournament officials course, venue TBA
  • 8th Bristol Grading
  • 16th – 18th P.U.M.A. International Open, Oasis L/C Swindon
  • 23rd Yate Grading


  • 2nd Southampton Grading
  • 5th Swindon Grading
  • 7th Norway Grading, Stavanger
  • 11th Berkshire grading
  • 11th P.U.M.A North Grading
  • 13th Brentry Grading
  • 18th Oxford Grading
  • 26th – 13th April Easter Holidays

April - June 2018


  • 12th – 15th ITF European Championships, Slovenia
  • 15th – South Glos / Bath /North Bristol Grading
  • 18th Stroud Grading
  • 21st or 22nd P.U.M.A. fight night.
  • 25th Devon Grading
  • 28th Gravesend Grading
  • 28th P.U.M.A. North senior grade training
  • 29th Junior Spring Championships, venue TBA


  • 7th Spring Bank Holiday
  • 10th Bristol Grading
  • 12th Black belt grading, Dorcan Rec Complex, Swindon
  • 18th Yate Grading
  • 26th or 27th Holland Cup, Delft


  • 1st Southampton Grading
  • 10th Berkshire
  • 12th Brentry Grading
  • 16th Presentation evening, venue TBA
  • 17th P.U.M.A North Grading
  • 17th Oxford Grading
  • 30th Black belt pre-grading, Dorcan Rec, Swindon.
  • 30th P.U.M.A. North senior grade training and Black belt pre-grading

July - September 2018


  • 1st English Championships, Oasis L/C Swindon
  • 4th Stroud Grading
  • 11th Devon Grading
  • 14th Gravesend Grading
  • 15th South Glos /Bath /North Bristol Grading
  • 28th July – 4th August P.U.M.A. Summer Camp, Croyde Bay, North Devon


  • 18th P.U.M.A. North senior grade training
  • 28th July – 4th August P.U.M.A. Summer Camp, Croyde Bay, North Devon
  • 31st Southampton Grading


  • 2nd P.U.M.A. Day
  • 9th New Century Grading
  • 13th Bristol Grading
  • 16th Berkshire
  • 16th P.U.M.A North Grading
  • 17th Swindon Grading
  • 18th Brentry Grading
  • 21st Yate Grading
  • 23rd Oxford Grading
  • 29th P.U.M.A. Northern Championships, Biddulph. TBC

October to December 2018


  • 6th Black belt grading, Dorcan Rec, Swindon.
  • 10th Stroud Grading
  • 13th Gravesend Grading
  • 14th Junior Championships Venue TBA
  • 17th Devon Grading
  • 28th Bristol Grading
  • 21st South Glos / Bath /North Bristol Grading
  • 28th Presentation evening, venue TBA.


  • 3rd P.U.M.A. Fight night
  • 9th – 11th Winter Camp, Warmwell, Dorset.
  • 18th P.U.M.A. British Championships
  • 23rd Yate Grading
  • 23rd Southampton Grading
  • 28th Norway Grading, Stavanger


  • 2nd Berkshire/Warminster Grading
  • 3rd Swindon Grading
  • 9th Oxford Grading
  • 15th P.U.M.A North Grading

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