PUMA – Bath, Bristol & South Glos area Squad 28/2

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Message from Master Gayle

The next Bath, Bristol & South Glos area Squad sessions will take place at The Yate Outdoor Sports Complex, Broad Lane, Yate, South Glos, BS37 7LB

  • Saturday 28th February, 1:00pm  – 3:00pm

The session will cost £8; if students can bring exact money it would make the registration process much quicker.  Students are expected to arrive in good time to allow them to pay, sign in and begin to warm up before the session starts.

Full doboks/training suits are not required, but belts will be useful to give training partners an indication of skill/experience.  Students should bring plenty to drink, hand towel, running trainers and licence book; P.U.M.A. approved sparring gear and a smartie pad will also be useful if available.

The sessions will include a combination of sparring drills, fitness and sparring practice.  Adjustments will be made for students who do not have sparring gear so that they will be able to attend the whole session.

Although the hall is a reasonable facility, there are no cafe or refreshments available on site so please ensure you tell your students to bring adequate supplies.

These sessions form part of the selection criteria for those wishing to be selected to represent P.U.M.A. at future international competitions.


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