PUMA Bo Staff Seminar and Grading 21-6-15

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A P.U.M.A. bo staff seminar/grading has been organized, the details are as follows.

Sunday June 21st 2015

3pm till 5pm

Bath Leisure Centre,  Bath BA2 4ET.

The seminar/grading is open to all adult/junior licenced P.U.M.A. members (Not including LPs).

The seminar has been designed for any student to attend and gain new skills from beginner to advance moves/patterns.

It will be a 2 hr seminar to include a grading, basic techniques and line work, Sparring and pad work, patterns, and basic self-defence with a Bo.  If a beginner shows aptitude then it is possible to pass the first grading at the seminar.  Instruction is with Master Ogborne VII, World Champion Brett Dowling IV and Mr Daniel Ashmead IV.

The Cost is £12 for the seminar only, or £30, which includes the seminar and grading cost.

On completion of grading students will receive a certificate and progress card to put in their licence and a bo staff badge to reflect their bo grade which is worn on left sleeve of their dobok. These will be sent at a later date when all the information is collected.

White TKD suits or red bo suits must be worn on the day.  Those attending the seminar can buy red suits at a cost of £40/£45 via their instructor.   Bo staffs can be ordered from the merchandise unit through instructors

Payments should made via instructors, or directly with cash or cheque on the day of Seminar/Grading.

Please email (Neil@Saintmartialarts.co.uk) with your students details if they would like to attend.

  • Name of Student,
  • Instructor/School,
  • TKD grade/ Bo grade,
  • Junior or Adult,
  • If they have paid or paying on the day,

There are only a limited number of spaces available due to time slots.

With Thanks

Neil Warburton

(Brentry/Long Ashton)


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