PUMA British Championships 2019 [Review]

Swindon’s Oasis Leisure Centre once again was host to the 2019 British Championships on 17th November. After a short umpires meeting, Master Gayle gave a speech opening the competition. In his welcoming notes, Master Gayle had the privilege of presenting Master Ian Ferguson (head of APTI) with his 7th Degree Black Belt! Master Ferguson is a long-time friend of Master Gayle and Master Ogborne, and treated all those at the competition with a few tales of his early days training and competing.

The competition itself began with musical patterns and bo-staff, all taking the full attention of those in the audience. The Little P.U.M.A. area was then in full swing with high kick, competition drill, judging of their “top-draw” entries, and some fun and games. While the Little P.U.M.A.s were making plenty of noise and excitement, the Taekwon-Do and Kickboxing students began with junior high kick, patterns, kickboxing drills, sparring and adult breaking. As always, to ensure fair events, divisions were split by grade, age and size.

Our umpires and referees worked tirelessly throughout the day to keep competitors safe, and to ensure everyone had a great experience, and were very grateful for the lunch provided by Ms Chipperfield and Ms Gayle!

In total there were 295 competitors coming from P.U.M.A. and a few other organisations, including 15 Kickboxers and 34 Little P.U.M.A.s!

Senior Male 27 31   58
Senior Female 9 16   25
Junior Male 27 80 22 129
Junior Female 13 58 12 83
TOTAL 76 185 34 295

A special thanks should go to the following people for their parts in ensuring the day ran smoothly:

  • Master Gayle
  • Master Ogborne
  • Mr McLaren
  • Miss Elise
  • Mr Evans
  • Ms Chipperfield
  • Ms Gayle
  • All the referees, umpires and helpers
  • And finally all the competitors, friends and family members for attending and making this the largest P.U.M.A. domestic competition for some time! It is wonderful to see so many people competing with the right spirit – being focused and competitive on the ring, but then friendly and welcoming off it. P.U.M.A. really is a fantastic organisation to be part of!

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Movewell Taekwondo is part of PUMA Martial Arts (Professional Unification of Martial Arts), the main instructor of Movewell Taekwondo is Nick Evans, 5th Degree Black Belt.

Movewell Taekwondo offers Taekwondo classes in Royal Wootton Bassett, near Swindon for all ages -

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