PUMA Day 17 – Free Seminars!!! for all 4th Sept 2016

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Dear PUMA Family

PUMA DAY 17 Is nearly upon us.

The venue is King Edwards School, North Road, Bath,  BA7 7LZ  On the 4th September 2016.

Proceedings will start at 10.00am  and will finnish at 3:30pm

This a great opportunity for all PUMA students to have a full day of FREE seminars, meet new friends and have a great experience of Martial Arts.

Master LP will be in attendance with lots of goodies for our younger members.


The Seminars for the day will be:

  • Mr Jesse  1.Pad holding skills. 2. Kick boxing drills.
  • Mr Whitlock  1.Competiton sparring.
  • Mr Evans 1.Move well
  • Mr Swain 1. Technical patterns
  • Mrs Swain. 1. Kicking with strength and flexibility.
  • Mr Tettmar. 1. One step sparring.
  • Mr Ashmead 1.Bo Staff Patterns.
  • Mr Dowling. 1.Bo staff  free style.
  • Mr Pixton 1. Ground fighting.

There will also be the merchandise stand selling PUMA goodies, games for the kids to play, and much more for all ages.

Come along and experience the brother and sisterhood of PUMA Taekwondo 🙂

Master Gayle and Master Ogbourne


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