PUMA Day 2019 – 1st September 2019 [Reminder]

We have the confirmed schedule which is as follows for PUMA Day on September 1st 2019: 


Area 1

Area 2

10.00- 10.15

Warm Up

Mrs Pearl Gayle 3rd Degree


10:30 – 11.15

Pad Craziness

Mr Ed Coleman-Roberts 3rd Degree


Little PUMA Zone

A whole series of short activities and games designed specifically for


11.15 -12:15

Ground Defence

Mr Pixton 5th Degree


Little PUMA’s led by a collection of PUMA’s best LP instructors.

Lunch Break

30 min

Lunch break

Bottle Challenge & Nitro Ice cream


All children will be given a ticket for a free Ice-Cream


12:45 – 1:45

Self-Defence Drills – Original Work

Mr McDonald 3rd Degree


Bo Staff and Spartan Combat

             Mr Ashmead 4th Degree


1.45 – 2.45

Sparring Techniques

Mr Whitlock 4th Degree


Mr Dowling 4th Degree


2.45 – 3.45

Paddle Mania

Ms Jones-McMullen 3rd Degree

Technical Patterns

Ms Elise 5th Degree


3.45 – 4.00

The Big Stretch

Helen Heath 1st Kup






Punch and Judy

Puppet show for all ages


1.45 – 2.45

 School Age Anti Bullying

Ms Louise Reeve 4th Degree


Link to a PDF download here: PUMA DAY 2019

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