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Sep 9, 2015 | PUMA News | 0 comments

A message from Master Ogborne 7th Degree.

I had nothing but praise and positive feed back from all those who attended PUMA Day 16 on 6th September 2015, from students, parents and our supporters of P.U.M.A.
In particular can we all thank and congratulate the “seminar hosts” who made it a most exciting, informative and enjoyable day.
Miss Raven set the day off with an exhilarating warm up that Master Black would have been proud of. It was brilliant!
Mr Ed Edmund Douglas Colman-Roberts Jnr The Third……did a magnificent job entertaining and teaching our Junior members, while Mr Whitlock did a fantastic job of teaching the art of kickboxing using his competition experience to motivate us to greater things. His knowledge of ring craft was a great start for the day’s proceedings.
In the second hour Mr Pixton did a Ground fighting seminar which was enthralling; his personality shone through, entertaining all the students, where I saw many happy and smiling faces. Meanwhile Mr Jesse followed on seamlessly from Mr Whitlock, with a kickboxing pad work session which everyone thoroughly enjoyed. He is, as we all know, a passionate P.U.M.A. martial Artist.
After the break, and having been fed by Mr and Mrs Tettmar’s fast food delights, we had Mr Harper and Miss Raven. Mr Harper with his confident and serious manner caught everyones attention to the finer details of sparring, showing us why he is such a great martial artist. Using his knowledge of TKD and Kickboxing sparring, he captivated everyone. Thoroughly enjoyable! Miss Raven taught the Junior students magnificently until Master LP arrived. The children were spell bound. Well done to the Little P.U.M.A. and junior crew on doing such a great job.
Mr Dowding did a ho sin sui seminar, which was, again, methodical and enlightening. Next time, make sure you bring your wok and chopsticks…..If you were not in attendance you missed a great seminar. Meanwhile, in the other half of the hall was Mr Josh Bishop and his understudy and side kick, Mr Mark Bishop, running a Thai Kickboxing session, It was full of energy and enthusiasm. More information for our PUMA martial artists to enjoy. The Plymouth crew always brings smiles and happiness where ever it goes. Thank you team Bishop.
Mr Ashmead ran the Bo staff seminar, which was packed and we quickly ran out of the 40ish Bo’s Mr Ashmead had brought to the seminar. This is quickly becoming very popular throughout our membership, thanks in part to Mr. Ashmead’s hard work and effort. Look out for the next gradings being held in the Berkshire and Bristol areas.
Miss Elise ran a Black Belt set sparring seminar for all grades, which again was very popular and raised as many answers as it did questions? We are blessed to see our senior ladies leading from the front on such a thought provoking subject. Thank you once again Ma’am.
Finally, we finished off with a TKD technical seminar with Mr. and Mrs. Swain. The students were captivated with their expertise and quality, and I am proud to have them in our association ( as I am of all of us, who work tirelessly for our students, school and association). Mr Danny Dowling, who has been in the GB Olympic team, (and budding actor), ran a Olympic TKD session. A number of the senior grades reminisced on how far he has come, and how well he conveyed the skills he has learned. Absolutely magnificent.
Mr Skidmore, meanwhile, had been outside all day with his family and helpers manning his bungy run and inflatable jousting area (which he loaned to P.U.M.A. for free). What a guy! Thank you Sir.
What I learned from the day was how well everybody benefitted from our association and its wealth of knowledgeable instructors. We are very lucky indeed to have so many dedicated and loyal high ranking martial artists who give up their valuable time to benefit us all.
Thank you everyone, we had a great day.
Kindest regards
Master O

PS as Master Black would often say…”.Its always a great day, if you don’t believe me, you just try missing one. ITS A GREAT DAY “


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