PUMA Fight 2019 [All Videos]

PUMA Fight Night 2019 – Done!

What a great night on Saturday 7th September 2019! Below is a selection of the videos from the night including – 

  • Sparring Matches
  • Ground Defence Demo
  • Prearranged Sparring
  • Pattern Moon-Che…
  • Highlights Video
  • Time Lapse of the whole evening squeezed into 6 Mins!

If you missed this great night – look out for the next PUMA Fight Night and if you want to see all the videos from PUMA fight Night 2019 head over to our YouTube Channel now

About Movewell Taekwondo

Movewell Taekwondo is part of PUMA Martial Arts (Professional Unification of Martial Arts), the main instructor of Movewell Taekwondo is Nick Evans, 5th Degree Black Belt.

Movewell Taekwondo offers Taekwondo classes in Royal Wootton Bassett, near Swindon for all ages -

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