1st PUMA Ground Defence Seminar 2/3/2019


with Mr David Pixton V Degree

Saturday 2nd March 2019

10:00am – 12 noon

The Dorcan Academy St Paul’s Dr, Swindon SN3 5DA

The seminar is open to all adult/junior licensed P.U.M.A. members (not including LP).

The seminar has been designed for any student to attend and learn new skills as an introduction to Ground Defence.

The Ground Defence seminars are designed to enable students to enhance their martial arts skills and personal safety capabilities by learning new techniques and concepts. Including:

  • The dangers of grappling and ground fighting.
  • Safety skills (falling, standing and tapping)
  • Identifying and achieving “good” positions and identifying and escaping “bad” positions.
  • Movement drills to achieve good positions.
  • Basic ground attack from guard position.
  • Introduction to basic throwing technique.

Most of the Ground Defence drills require a partner so if students are interested they may want to consider bringing a training partner that they can work with.

The seminar will be taught by Mr Dave Pixton V Dan, Miss Lucy Bartlett I Dan and Master Mark Ogborne VII Dan.

The Cost is £36.

This will be our first Ground Defence seminar, my aim is to run 4-6 over the course of the year. During any seminars attended Master Ogborne and I will assess student progress.

On completion of the seminar students will receive a certificate and progress card to put in their licence book.

These will be sent at a later date when all the information is collected.

Dobok bottoms and a T-shirt can be worn, a selection of rash guards may be available to buy on the day subject to supply and sizes available.

Please book early to avoid disappointment.

For any questions or to book your place, please contact me direct on  pumagrounddefence@gmail.com

With Thanks

David Pixton V

P.U.M.A Ground Defence Coordinator

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