PUMA Open – Club Medals!!!

Feb 22, 2015 | Events, News, PUMA News | 0 comments

The PUMA British Open 2015 is now over after 2 very successful days of competing.

Two Movewell Taekwondo students entered and both won medals – well done to

  • Steph Bell 1st Kup Red Belt – 3rd Place Bronze in Adult 4th-1st Kup Male and Female Adult Patterns
  • Eran Courtney 1st Dan Black Belt – 2nd Place Silver in 1st Degree Adult Black Belt Patterns

They bother performed to a very high standard to move through their rounds to secure medals.

PUMA Tournaments would not be possible without the voluntary hard work and time of the officials and helpers. From Movewell I would like to thank Mr John Francis, Ms Steph Bell and Mr Eran Courtney who all gave up their time over the 2 days to help. I would also like to thank Mrs White who assisted me during the two days to coordinate all the events ensuring the rings were always busy with competitors.

Until the next tournament – Taekwon!


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