PUMA Red And Black Belt Training – 22nd February [Review]

Please check out the review for the latest Red and Black belt training held on the 22nd of February 2020, written by Ellie Mohan Singh I.

“On the 22nd of February, I attended Red & Black belt training in Yate instructed by Master Gayle and Master Ogborne. Master Gayle taught for the first hour and Master Ogborne taught the second hour.

At the beginning of the session, Master Gayle did a fantastic warm up! This warm up included many sparring techniques, that I now know to add to my own sparring. The best part about this warm up is when Master Gayle got us into partners to practice our step-up side kicks! He explained every little detail about this one movement, which has really helped me with my training. Then, we practiced free style 1 step sparring (hands only). The key points Master Gayle explained is how important it is to keep in a close range to your partner and to add more variety with your movements. This has made me realise that there are so many hand techniques you could use!

After a ten minute break, it was Master Ogborne’s turn. For the next half an hour we did patterns. At the beginning we had to do a pattern that had certain amounts of movements in them, this tested my theory but I got through it. Then we had to do some patterns on the spot, this was when Master Ogborne started to ‘pick on people’. For example, Master Ogborne made me explain what the first movement of Joong-Gun was used for, then I had to demonstrate it. It helped other people understand the purpose of some of our movements. Then the black belts had to perform a black belt pattern to the colour belts and then they could ask questions, then the roles were reversed. Then we moved on to sparring and self defense drills, this is where Master Ogborne taught us some new sparring drills that I’ve never seen before! It was amazing to see and do those techniques.

I love Red & Black belt training! It’s such an amazing atmosphere and the session is really good to go to, either to improve your training or prepare for your Dan gradings. This is not my first Red & Black belt training and it’s definitely not going to be the last! I really recommend it.”

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