PUMA Squad Date for Autumn 2016

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Message from Mr Lammin – Squad Coach PUMA


Dear All,

After a well deserved summer break September and October are going to be very busy months with plenty of opportunities to train and compete.  Below is a list of the forthcoming PUMA and ITF Squad Training Sessions along with a couple of seminars and tournaments:

PUMA Squad Training Sessions (All at Yate International Academy, Sundridge Park, Yate, Bristol BS37 4DX from 10:00 to 13:00)

Sunday 25th September

Sunday 2nd October

ITF England Squad Training Sessions 

Sunday 30th October (The Croft Sports Centre, Swindon)

These sessions are open to 2nd kup and above students aged 13 and over.  Please also note that black belts need to have ITF certification in order to attend these sessions.  If you are intending on going for selection for next years ITF England Team then you really need to attend these sessions!

ITF England Selection Tournament for 2016 European and World Championships)

Sunday 6th November (All Day Event, venue tbc)

ITF England World Cup – Budapest (12th to 16th of October)

A number of PUMA students are competing at the World Cup and I hope that you will join me in wising them the best of luck and also in helping them in their preparations at the forthcoming sessions.  There are well over 1,732 competitors already signed up for this event making it one of  the biggest in the history of ITF Taekwon-Do!

PUMA Tournaments

Saturday 1st October – Northern Championships (Details now available from Instructors)

Sunday 9th October – Junior Championships (Details will be available shortly)

Sunday 20th November – British Championships (Oasis Leisure Centre, Swindon)


Saturday 24th September – Vision Taekwon-Do Seminar with Master Stephen Cooley (Head Coach of the Irish National Team who are currently one of the most successful teams at both World and European Championships). For more information please visit Seminar with Master Cooley – Vision Taekwon-Do.  This session is opened to any


Seminar with Master Cooley – Vision Taekwon-Do

Vision TKD would like to invite all ITF members to attend a seminar with Master Stephen Cooley on 24th September in Tonbridge, Kent.  Master Cooley is one of the gr…

View on visiontkd.co.uk Preview by Yahoo


Sunday 9th October – ITF England Fundraising Seminar with Zak Espi (current World Heavyweight Sparring Champion) and 4th Degree Patterns European Medallists Jenny Swain, Carly Wilson and Steven Arroyo.

I am going to be out of the country from the 7th to the 22nd of September and so if you have any questions with respect to the upcoming PUMA Squad Training Sessions then please email Mrs McColl (wendywoo562@aol.com).

If you wish to attend the seminar with Master Cooley or have any questions about the ITF England Squad Training sessions then please contact

Mr. Swain (adam@swaintaekwondo.co.uk).  Applications for the seminar with Master Cooley will need to go through Mr. Swain (you cannot apply directly).

Finally, if you wish to attend the ITF England Fundraising Seminar then please email me with your details and I will confirm everything once I am back in the country.

As you can see the autumn is going to be a busy one with a great number of opportunities, please take advantage of as many as you can!


Kind Regards,

Mr. Lammin








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