PUMA Summer Camp – Full Schedule + Bio Update

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More details about PUMA Summer Camp

A number of Movewell students and families are going this year and it really is a great opportunity to socialise, train, get to know PUMA as an organisation and train with some of the top instructors, not just Mr Evans and his team 🙂


The full Summer Camp Schedule has now been published and instructor Bio’s for the seminars update on the Summer Camp Schedule and Preparation Page. We’re working on the social activities next!

There is still a few days left and time to register for Summer Camp – and if you havent got your forms in, please complete them 🙂

General Summer Camp Information

PUMA Summer Camp is 28th July to 4th Aug 2018 – New for 2018 a Weekend Camp, Mon-Friday and Full Week Camp available. Download your PUMA Family Summer Camp Booking Form 2018 and visit the PUMA Summer Camp Page on the Events Website for more details. The camp will be a mix of seminars, beach training and technical for all grades, junior to adult! There will be organised socials and plenty of free time too for family and friends. This a fantasic training experience; like every new experience the hardest part is taking that first step to have a go 🙂 Why not try it for 2018…

If you have an questions, ping us a message using the contact form or on Facebook.

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