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Introduction to the Professional Unification of Martial Arts (PUMA)

Movewell Taekwondo is part of PUMA Martial Arts, a forward thinking Martial arts organisation based around the southern and middle part of England.

PUMA, Professional Unification of Martial Arts, formed in Sept 2000, is led by the Chairman Master Ray Gayle 8th Degree Black Belt and the Vice Chairman Master Mark Ogborne 7th Degree Black Belt.

PUMA Martial Arts is for everyone of any age or ability, and there are many benefits to starting a martial art whoever you are – confidence, motivation, fitness, weight loss and a sense of personal achievement, to name but a few. Within PUMA the main martial arts are Taekwondo and Kickboxing. Alongside these main disciplines PUMA students (which iincludes all the associated PUMA Schools such as Movewell) have the opportunity to attend competitions, seminars and training camps. The PUMA syllabus includes optional areas of martial arts learning including bo staff, nunchucks, ground defence to name a few.

PUMA Taekwondo Logo PUMA Martial Arts has an inclusive policy, so everyone is welcome. Whatever your goals, needs or requirements, our Movewell Taekwondo instructors will be able to work with you to help you learn and progress towards your goals.

Mr Nick Evans’ role in PUMA Martial Arts

Alongside running Movewell Taekwondo, Mr Nick Evans is the PUMA Tournament Coordinator, Sits on the Black Belt Promotions Panel and runs the Spirit Test at black belt gradings. He is also part of the team responsible for the digital marketing and events promotions for PUMA Martial Arts.


If Movewell Taekwondo in Royal Wootton Bassett is not close to you, there are PUMA Martial Arts Schools all over which we’ve linked here on the Movewell Taekwondo website All PUMA Martial Arts Schools

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