[Reminder] PUMA Summer Camp 2019 27/6 to 3/8 2019

PUMA Summer Camp 2019

This is a great training experience for all of the taekwondo schools in PUMA. Last year in 2018 Movewell had their best student turn  with 8 training students, 3 families and 3 instructors. I know a few of you were interested last year, why not make 2019 the year you come to camp. If you want to find out more talk to Mr Evans, Miss Bell, Mr Courtney, Mrs Gurr or Mrs Whittfield in class. Details below about the camp from PUMA.

June 19 UPDATE: The new Summer Camp page is live on the PUMA Events Website. All the details are linked on the new page including the booking form. Don’t delay your entry…download the form and book on now!


Mr Evans 🙂


  • 27th July to 3rd August


  • Cherry Tree Farm Campsite
    Stentaway Lane, Croyde, EX331NH

PUMA Summer Camp 2019 Facebook Event

For 2019 we will follow a similar format to 2018 with Weekend Camp, Mon-Friday and Full Week Camp available. We’ve listened to the feedback from last year and made a few little changes to make it even better!

The camp will be a mix of seminars, beach training and technical for all grades, junior to adult! There will be organised socials and plenty of free time too for family and friends. This a fantastic training experience; if you’ve been before you will know how great it is, but if it’s your first time and you are thinking about it then talk to your instructor or students that have been before. Like every new experience the hardest part is taking that first step to have a go 🙂 Why not try it for 2019…

For now get the date booked in your diary, register your interest on the Facebook Event (link above) and look out for further details which will be released soon…and if you are not already make sure you are signed up to the PUMA Events Newsletter.

If you have an questions, email or speak to Mr Evans or message the PUMA Events page directly on the contact form.

Thank you and see you there!

visit the Summer Camp page here

The PUMA Summer Camp Team

Mr Lammin, Mr Pixton and Mr Evans

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