Self-Belief and Discipline – Why learning Stances is so Important

People often come to Taekwondo looking for discipline. There are many areas in martial arts where a student will gain elements of discipline: from the lining up and etiquette in class, to the practice of pushing themselves in physical exercise or physical endurance. Also from the pressure they may put on themselves to practice and achieve their next grade. However, these foundations of discipline are not always what people expect. From day one of a Taekwondo class, we start teaching the foundations to help and coach students find their inner discipline. Here is one way we do this…

In Taekwondo, students learn a number of different stances. In particular, they learn the walking stance at the very beginning. This is a basic stance, but it appears in many areas of technical Taekwondo: patterns, set sparring and line work. Relevant to every grade from white to black belt, it is one of the first techniques that we teach. However, it is very hard to master because in most cases the student has no prior knowledge of Taekwondo. Therefore, there are lots of other puzzle pieces to grasp in order to perfect the stance without thinking too much.

Front punch in walking stance 2 Although simple to do, students have to learn many things in order to get their walking stance right. This means getting it right each and every time they perform it. These elements include width, length, foot position, knee angles, weight distribution and timing. Moving forwards, moving backwards, before and after a kick and before and after a punch, have to be right. Also with a strike, with a block, without a block, with double movements or with single movements. All of these variables then have to be applied into patterns, line work and set sparring. That’s a lot of ways we need to be able to coordinate and master our body all on top of just one stance.

It has been said somewhere in the world of martial arts that once you know one technique through and through, then you know everything. I think this means once you understand what it takes to dedicate yourself to learn a particular technique or movement fully and completely, and to really be honest with yourself on the dedication needed, you unlock the personal skill of discipline and self-belief. Challenges thereafter can seem more achievable with the right approach. That’s a powerful level of self-belief crucial to everyday life, and readily available to everyone through the consistent practice of Taekwondo.

Nick Evans V Degree

Walking Stance Basics

I wrote another past article on Walking Stance covering the basics, which maybe useful.

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