Seminar in Aid of PUMA Ghana Charity 26/11/16

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Dear Students and Parents
This is a message from Mr Derek Skidmore 4th Degree, Midsomer Norton PUMA TKD


Last year I did a charity seminar along with two other Instructors from other style Martial arts, Charlie Wildish 4th Dan Karate, has contacted me to host another 3 hour seminar at my Dojang – The Grange in Warmley, Bristol on 26th November 1pm-4pm. the last seminar was in aid of the somerset Air Ambulance.
This seminar will be in aid of and funds will go to our Puma Ghana charity, so it would be fantastic to have a big turn out and show of support from Puma instructors and their students, if the Instructors are not able to attend, if they could promote it to their students and send them that would be apprecaited.

If anyone wants anymore info, they can contact me direct through Facebook or
there is no set charge, we just ask for donations, last year with only around 15-20 people we raised £250, I’m sure with a good response from all our students we can do alot better, and raise more this time around.


Following on from last year’s very successful event, we’re back.
Kung Fu, Tae Kwon Do and Karate sharing and learning together; looking at practical streetwise applications taken from Patterns/Kata/Forms and basic movements

Mr Derek Skidmore, 4th Dan PUMA – TKD
Sensei Charlie Wildish, 4th Dan Shotokan Karate
Sifu Keith McKay Cormack, Choy Li Fut & Wing Chun Kung Fu
Sifu Jack Thurkettle, Choy Li Fut

Each of them has cross trained in other styles including Reality Based Martial Arts; so they have a wide knowledge base and very open minds.
This 3 hour seminar will be in 3 sections with each style taking it in turn to take the lead teaching.

Money raised will go the PUMA Ghana charity.
In the West we are blessed with many high grade instructors from the Orient coming to teach here professionally. We now have many home grown and highly experiences instructors of our own.
Unfortunately, the benefits that we take for granted here in the UK are not so readily available in Africa as they don’t have the money to attract the top instructors. So PUMA TKD have for a number of years been supporting a fledgling TKD group in Ghana, sending over instructors, helping secure local funding as well as UK based funding and in the building of Ghana’s first and only purpose built Dojang (Dojo/Kwoon).

This charity has been chosen because the benefits of martial arts training go so far beyond simply self defence. Benefits that are especially pertinent in a developing poor country like Ghana.

There is no set cost for the seminar. At the end you will be asked to make a voluntary donation based on how you value what you learnt from the seminar.

Thank You

Mr Derek Skidmore


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