Sparring Kit Extra Special Offer

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For a limited time only until the end of Dec 2018 
Head Guard, Sparring Hands and Sparring Feet Bundle

Special Price of £70 

RRP £105, total saving £35 over buying them separately.

A very special offer only for Juniors 

1st 6 Orders – Extra £20 Off

2nd 6 Orders  – Extra £10 Off

This extra special offer is becasue Movewell TKD was given a donation from the Wootton Bassett Mayors Charity to use towards youth sporting activities.

Sparring gear is essential for safe sparring, not just from protection of accidental contact but also from falls onto hard sports centre floors. The stance we take in our classes is that unless a student is at least wearing a head guards (reasons of falling and accidental contact given earlier) then they are limited to 1:1 sparring and cannot partake in free sparring. We normally discount the starter bundle of Headguard, Sparring Hands and Sparring Feet in a bundle for £90, saving £15 on buying them separately. Why am I doing this –

  • I want more of the students to be able to experience sparring, particularly the juniors

To spar in a PUMA tournament (Juniors Purple Stripe and Adults Yellow Belt onwards), students would also need Shins Guards £12, Forearm Guards £12, Groin Guard £15 and Gum Shield £5. Sparring is also likely in gradings from Green belt onwards.

Download Sparring Offer 2018 Info

Training T-Shirts

Students are allowed to wear Taekwondo Training T-Shirts in place of their dobok tops. This applies to little PUMAs as well. If you would like to order a t-shirt speak to Mr Evans or email.

  • Adult Training T-Shirts £12 each
  • Junior and LP White T-Shirts £11

All clothing and sparring gear is listed on the website or speak to Mr Evans at class.

Taekwon, Mr Evans V

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