Stephanie Ball 1st Degree – Little PUMA Instructor

Mrs Stephanie Ball 1st Degree - Little PUMA Instructor

Mrs Stephanie Ball 1st Degree - Little PUMA Instructor

Little PUMA Instructor

Mrs Ball is one of the Little PUMA Instructors for Movewell and a Little PUMA Coordinator for PUMA Martial Arts.

“I started Taekwon-Do in January 2010 at the age of 17. I’d been considering starting a martial art for a few years as some of my family did Karate and a couple of friends did Taekwon-Do. I’d not found the courage to find myself a club or choose which martial art I wanted to try though, until one of my friends asked me to come along to a demonstration that his school was holding. Watching all of the students work together, demonstrating their skills gave the final push I needed to have a go. I went along to the next class and I fell in love with Taekwon-Do instantly. I’ve now been training for 8 years and my enthusiasm has only grown stronger.

In 2015 I gained my 1st Degree Black Belt and I became an Assistant Instructor as I loved helping out with teaching the junior students. Teaching the juniors had made me realise my passion for teaching young children and helped me decide my career path. I started training to be a teacher towards the end of 2015, qualifying in 2016. I am currently working in Year 1 in a school in Swindon.

I’ve was lucky enough to be asked to take on the Little Pumas in early 2018, a challenge that I am really enjoying with Miss Bird. I also hope to make this year the year I get back into competing, with any luck adding to my trophy and medal collection from my colour belt days. Watch this space!”

Tournament successes: 4 gold medals, 5 silver medals, 4 bronze medals

PUMA successes: 2015: Assistant instructor. October 2015: 1st Degree Black Belt and Heart and Soul Award

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