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In late July, we held our first online Summer Camp. This was a resounding success, due in part to our fantastic instructors who helped teach, the students that participated and the Summer Camp committee that did a fantastic job setting up the event. Those of you with keen eyes will have seen the updates on the P.U.M.A. Facebook page as we attempted to bring a bit of Croyde into our living rooms. While we look forward to the events that are coming up, please find a review of the Online Summer Camp written by Lucas (7th kup). 

Online Summer Camp Review – Lucas (7th Kup)

When my mummy and daddy first told me about the online summer camp I thought it would be lots of fun because I was too scared to go to the real-life one.

Then when we then looked at the options we saw lots of things that would help me improve my Taekwon-Do, like the patterns clinic, point-stop-sparring drills and the Master Class (with Master Gayle VIII and Master Ogborne VII)

The first session on Saturday was Fun and Phys with Miss Stacey Weatherer V and Miss Emma Deakin V. At first it just seemed like a normal warm-up, with burpees, press-ups, and running on the spot. Then after a good fifteen minutes, they told us to go and get some biscuits? So when we came back we were told to balance the biscuits on our two knees for as long as possible… while we were in a squat!!! I managed to hold both of mine for about 30 seconds but then one of them fell off my knee, luckily the other stayed on for two minutes. Fitness is always better with biscuits!

Next up was the point-stop-sparring drills with Mr Tettmar VI or Ground defence with Mr Pixton V, I would have liked to have done both but out of those two I chose point-stop-sparring drills. In the lesson Mr Tettmar told us that he was always really friendly to the people he was up against, so he would smile at them, shake their hand and just be their best friend until the round started, and then BAM! He would superman into their face with a backfist. It was a very good session in my opinion.

Later after a break was Taekwon-Do Technical with Mr and Mrs Swain IV. There’s so much to say about this session. We worked on speed by holding a broom or bo staff upright on the floor, then let go and see how many punches or kicks we could do and then catch the broom/bo staff before it hit the floor. I needed to use a broom because I don’t have a bo staff, I managed to do five without it falling on the floor. We also learnt a secret pattern that not all schools teach (it’s called sajo tulgi… but don’t tell anyone… it’s meant to be a secret). It was an all-round amazing session. Thank you Mr & Mrs Swain.

Next up was the Saturday Social, this was a very good session because it involved sitting down and asking Master Gayle VIII and Master Ogborne VII questions like why they started TKD, how TKD has changed and loads of other stuff. After that, we had an indoor bbq and the party started with DJ Dhanraz Ramdharry playing 80’s music and requests. I requested “Something Just Like This” by Coldplay and The Chainsmokers, I had a good dance. The highlight was definitely Mr Pixton, his shirt and his pom-poms.

Summer Camp

The first session on Sunday day was Boxercise with Mrs Campion III, it was very tiring but the mix of tunes and shouting kept everyone going (no biscuits involved sadly).

Next up was improve your kicking with Mr Lammin VI, we used chairs to help improve our turning kicks, we did side-kick leg raises and a bit of chat about using resistance bands to make our legs go higher (although we didn’t actually use resistance bands in the lesson and my legs haven’t gotten longer).

Theory of self-protection with Mr Dave Powlesland IV was up next, it involved looking relaxed and fighting with open palms. My daddy enjoyed listening to this one.

Session 4 was The Patterns Clinic. I was really looking forward to this one because I really like patterns. I’m a green stripe so I was put into a room with yellow stripes up to blue stripes, Mr Evans V was teaching my group and I got a lot out of it, like what my stance needs to look like, hand positioning and lot’s more. It was definitely one of my favourite sessions.

Finally, the Master Class and closing speeches were also very good. It involved Master Gayle VIII and Master Ogborne VII talking about how TKD has changed and the introduction of sign wave which I didn’t know about. Before I knew it, it was time for the closing speeches with thank you’s to Mr Lammin VI and all his helpers, Masters and instructors who had helped organise the weekend and taken classes.

The online summer camp, in my opinion, was AMAZING and I think everyone should go next year to the real thing. I won’t be scared to go!

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