Learn About Taekwondo Gradings

How do you know when you are ready to Grade?

Taekwondo is based on a belt or rank system, to progress to the next belt you have to complete the taekwondo syllabus grading requirements in front of one or more grading examiners, typically they will be Masters (7-9th Degree) or as a minimum 5th Degree Black belts.

Taekwondo Grading Basics

For a student to be eligible to grade they must be able to perform the required taekwondo moves for their given grade. Without prompting and to a standard appropriate to their grade. Its all based on good foundations and doing the basics well each and every time they are performed.

Grading are held every 3 months.

If a student trains twice a week, the minimum, but not guaranteed, grading time is –

  • 3 months between grades from 10th Kup (White Belt) to 4th Kup (Blue Belt)
  • 6 months between grades from 3rd Kup (Red Stripe) to 1st Kup (Black Stripe)
  • This applies to juniors and Adults

If a student trains once a week these times double, but by blue belt it becomes challenging to remember all of the technical moves if a student only trains once per week. This is all based on attendance of 75% or more of classes available.

To pass a grading a student has to pass a pre-grading or be put forward to grade by the instructor.

Passing a pre-grading requires the student to attend the pre-grading.

Taekwondo Belts are Earned not Bought

At Movewell Taekwondo and as part of PUMA, no one is guaranteed to grade every 3 months; you cannot buy a belt or a grading, at least not from us. It has to be earnt and it is a combination of technical ability, attitude and taekwondo etiquette. Someone who is physically capable at taekwondo and thinks that gives them the right to the next belt or thinks they are ready early is missing the point and the bigger picture of what doing a martial art means. And by virtue of this attitude they are unlikely to be ready to progress to the next belt.

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