Taekwondo Etiquette for All Students

Jun 1, 2015 | Juniors & Adults, Technical Guidance | 0 comments

A number of students have asked about the different codes of etiquette for Taekwondo recently.

They have all been good questions about when to bow, how to shake hands, what to do when late for a class etc.

Taekwondo etiquette is all part of the respect and discipline that we aim to teach the students. Aside from the specifics to the dojang it is mostly about being polite and courteous to other people and should support the values taought by parents and schools.

Most students will know the basics within a short time of starting aekwondo. As they progess they will learn and pick up more during class and from their student handbook. There are also a few additional things relvant to Movewell particulalry as we run Little PUMA’s and Juniors in parallel. PUMA have already published their Code fo Conduct for all PUMA schools and these have been added to capturing these specific to Movewell Taekwondo.

The code is available to download PUMA & MVTKD Code of Conduct v1.

If you have any questions, please speak to Mr Evans or one of the instructors.




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