The Warrior Open – 7th March 2020 [Review]

Some of our P.U.M.A. Members, attended The Warrior Open. Here is a write up by Ms Rowan Graham I:

The Warrior Open

On the 7th of March, a small gathering of the P.U.M.A squad travelled to The Warrior Open in Harrow, London. The competition was run by Mr Tim Kool (5th degree black belt) and Master Johann De Silva (7th degree black belt) and had an early start as the weigh-in began at 8:15 am and competition started around 9:00 am.

Patterns was up first for the under 13s and we had some strong performances. Everyone was competing in big categories and we had a Silver from Izz and Gabe and some amazing patterns from Ro, Sian and Josh.

Up next was sparring and after some challenging rounds, we had a bronze from Ro, a silver from Sian, a silver from Izz, a silver from Gabe and a silver from Josh. Everyone fought brilliantly and put up powerful fights.

Then it was onto the juniors. It was a long wait from the 8:15 am start as patterns started around 4:00 pm. No one medalled, however some solid patterns were performed. Sparring was next and after some tough fights, we had a silver from Dylan and a silver from Tom. Aidan had some tough rounds and sadly didn’t medal but everyone fought well and the team supported everyone throughout the competition.

Finally, after a long day, the competition finished at 8:30 pm. Thank you to all for the support given to the competitors from team members, coaches and parents on the day – we really appreciate it!

Well Done Team! 🥊🥇

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