TKD REMINDER – Significant Nov / Dec 19 Dates

Good Evening Students and Parents,

Thanks for all the support for the Halloween lesson on Sunday – it was a great lesson!

A reminder about some upcoming dates:

  • Weds 6th November – Little PUMA Grading in the Party room above the sports centre.
  • Sunday 10th November – No lesson because all instructors are at PUMA Winter Camp, training or Teaching.
  • Weds 13th and Sunday 17th November – Adult and Junior Coloured belt pre-grading (for eligible students).
    To be eligible (aside from knowing their TKD moves), they need to have attended a minimum of 75% of classes since the last grading. If a student trains once a week, the minimum time is 6 months between gradings, and for students training twice a week, it is 3 months.
  • Monday 9th December – Coloured Belt Grading, Swindon (for students passing the pre-grading).
  • Sunday 22nd December – Last Lesson of the year. The 15th or 22nd of December will be the TKD Christmas lesson where adults, juniors and Little PUMAs will go in teams for a fun session of challenges, races and a quiz! Followed by the Adult student Christmas meal – venue in Wootton Bassett TBC.
  • Sunday 5th Jan – restart for 2020!

As always, if you have any questions please do not hesitate to ask


Mr Evans V Degree

About Movewell Taekwondo

Movewell Taekwondo is part of PUMA Martial Arts (Professional Unification of Martial Arts), the main instructor of Movewell Taekwondo is Nick Evans, 5th Degree Black Belt.

Movewell Taekwondo offers Taekwondo classes in Royal Wootton Bassett, near Swindon for all ages -

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