Weds 21-9-16 2nd Class – Master the Details

Sep 20, 2016 | Technical Guidance | 0 comments

Evening Students,

To all students attending the 2nd class on weds 21-9-16 bring a note pad and pen please. I’m going to spend the lesson going through some of the finer details of TKD techniques.

This will help you plan your next stages of improvement.

It will focus on the bery basics

  • Sitting Stance
  • Sinewave basics
  • Walking Stance, maybe L-Stance
  • Front Punch in Walking Stance
  • Low/Middle Block in Walking Stance

This is very much for all grades.

I read somewhere that a person should practice master the basics and practice them like they are advanced techniques; thereafter everything is easy in comparison.

Without correct basic foundations, everything else is going to be ‘not quite right’.

See you tomorrow

Mr Evans


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